Angela Blissbridge

Most Promising Astrologers of 2018 Award Winner

May 2015 overlooking Kodachrome Basin (Utah) - photo credit: Greg Widner (Angie's husband)

Angela (“Angie”) Blissbridge is an award-winning,

Evolutionary Astrologer, Artist and Healing-Facilitator who strives to Connect the Dots to a Thriving You.  She weaves ancient wisdom from many traditions in this life work.  Her left and right-brain talents allow her to navigate the worlds of creativity, esoteric mysteries and methodical practical wholeness of life processes.

Angela’s creative works include ceramics, painting (acrylic and mixed media), graphic design, photography, writing and musical compositions. She strives to integrate and express a sacred or ancient connection through symbols, vibrant colors and movement in all these expressions.  Her unique, functional and decorative ceramics feature graphic images she designs and silkscreen-transfers on the clay; natural object-textures grace the vibrant-chakra-colored surfaces including found-objects from Northern Arizona’s wilderness.  Sacred geometry and symboloic imagery in vivid colors feature in her latest paintings.

Her investigative and scientific approach stems from her advanced science education and accounting career (forensic specialty). She is a graduate of internationally recognized master astrologer Maurice Fernandez’s two-year advanced Complete Course.

In her healing astrological work, Angela weaves the Story of the Art of You from the foundation of her deep knowledge of Evolutionary Astrology and gift of intuition. Her scientific and artistic mind illuminates patterns to gain an understanding of your history (ancient and current) and how your soul intends to access your genius.  Angela began to integrate and study the ancient mysteries in her 20s. By her 40s, she was consumed to re-member and master astrology for transformative healing.  She dove into the master works of Jeffrey Wolf Green (Pluto I and II), Melanie Reinhart (Saturn and the Centaurs), and the online courses of Tom Lescher’s (Kaypacha); she had the privilege of swimming with dolphins and Kaypacha during his Bimini retreat on Neptune in 2014. In 2017, Angela began Maurice Fernandez’s, The Complete Professional Course, receiving her certificate of graduation in February 2019.  She is a member of the Organization for Professional Astrologers (OPA); they recognized her as one of 2018’s Most Promising Astrologer. The award gave her opportunities to speak and publish on her xenophobia-emancipation research (“Witch Hunts Then & Now”) that focuses on planetary patterns and cycles with Planetary nodes.  Follow her blog for articles on Planetary Nodes including their astronomy, astrology and impact on our individual and collective experiences (beyond witch hunts!).  See her website Thrive to services, blogs, speaking engagement, classes and publications.



H < healing energy sharing A < artistic expressions linking paths P < painting interpretations of soul P < photographing moments in time I < Inspiring self and others E < exploring inner and outer realms R < researching the esoteric F < fires, friends, family, Flower of Life A < Astrology, ancient culture reviving C < composing music, creating in clay T < traveling to expanded horizons S < soul searching and seeking STARS!

Happier Facts Story

In May 2008, Angie founded, Happier Facts as her soul's life and service mission statement.  With the help of a dear astrologer friend, Angie retraced her treasures into a mapping of talents, interests, soul-desires and capacities.  In her attempt to hone down the Gemini sprawl of topics to the friend's goal of a one-sentence statement, Angie discovered that one paragraph might cover it but not one sentence.  Yet, it was clear too that the themes showed the acronym above.  The current version reflects a few important tune-ups since then. Magical things happened with the formation.  Not only did this fun and applicable name coalesce, but it wasn't an original intention; but deeper dives into astrology showed me amazing links to 'Happier'= Pisces or 12th house and 'Facts' = Gemini which ties to Angie's astrological soul-intent (her North Node is Gemini 12th house.  Also the birth-chart of Happier Facts is amazing aligned to the purpose and to Angie's chart.  We each are our own piece of Artwork!



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