Angela Blissbridge

Most Promising Astrologers of 2018 Award Winner

May 2015 overlooking Kodachrome Basin (Utah) - photo credit: Greg Widner (Angie's husband)

Angela (“Angie”) Blissbridge is an award-winning, Evolutionary Astrologer, Artist and Healing-Facilitator who seeks to weave a tapestry to Thriving.

Her ceramics, paintings (acrylic and mixed media) and graphic designs feature sacred imagery with Chakra attuned colors and patterns to transmit healing energies.  A silkscreen process is use to apply her graphics to her ceramics.  Everyday use of her pottery is encouraged to increase your Thrive.

 Her intuition inspires her artwork and amplifies her facility to heal. It is matched with her high intelligent capable of absorbing and translating complex information quickly. Together, her intuitive-intelligence inspires and drives her to explain historical cycles through the lens of astrology in a creative and accessible way, through writing, teaching, and one-on-one guidance through her Thrive Astrology practice. She is a graduate of internationally recognized master astrologer Maurice Fernandez’s, The Complete Professional Course.

H < healing energy sharing A < artistic expressions linking paths P < painting interpretations of soul P < photographing moments in time I < Inspiring self and others E < exploring inner and outer realms R < researching the esoteric F < fires, friends, family, Flower of Life A < Astrology, ancient culture reviving C < composing music, creating in clay T < traveling to expanded horizons S < soul searching and seeking STARS!


Happier Facts Story

In May 2008, Angela founded, Happier Facts as the vehicle for her art and healing practices.  Its acronym represents its mission statement. The current version reflects a few important tune-ups since then toward healing the planet peace by art peace. Astrologically, 'Happier' relates to Pisces or 12th house and 'Facts' relates to Gemini. This is the signature of Angela's soul-purpose direction as indicated by her North Node in Gemini 12th house.  Together the match between Happier Facts and Angela's birth chart weaves a beautiful tapestry to allow her to bring the mission statement to life.  We each are our own piece of Artwork!




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