Angela Blissbridge

Most Promising Astrologers of 2018 Award Winner

May 2015 overlooking Kodachrome Basin (Utah) - photo credit: Greg Widner (Angie's husband)Angela Blissbridge is an Evolutionary Astrologer, artist and healing facilitator who strives to Connect the Dots to a Thriving You.  She weaves ancient wisdom from many traditions in this life work.  Her path has not been without 'soul-detours' of working on a Masters in Ecology and climbing the corporate ladder as a CPA in accounting. Her passion for this astrology blossomed under the tutelage of the internationally recognized master astrologer,  Maurice Fernandez.

 In October, Angie was awarded TWO scholarships by the Organization for Professional Astrology (OPA) honoring her as one of The Most Promising Astrologer of 2018.  It slates her to speak at the 2019 NCGR Conference and publish in The Mountain Astrology (TMA).  The topics of the presentation and article are based on her   research on "Witch Hunts Then & Now" showing the astrological links of events in history that have 'witch hunt' qualities (in xenophobia, racism, ideological clashes). For the NCGR presentation and TMA article, the focus will be primarily on USA history and current events.  She is thrilled and honored to be recognized by these international professional organizations!

Angie has studied esoteric philosophies for over 20 years and weaves this ancient wisdom into her life, into her approach to astrology, and into her artwork.  Despite pursuing art and music passionately until college, she took the 'traditional' routes to education and careers in science and accounting. To survive her soul-detours, Angie buoyed herself in studies and practices of Taoism, metaphysics, yoga,  meditation, ancient cultures and ultimately to deeper levels of astrology.  She has a  passion for the natural world and indigenous earth-based cultures and traditions and enjoys living in Northern Arizona surrounding by that energy.  Angie’s sacred-geometry-symbolism-oriented artwork sells globally (see artwork)


Angie who? - What's in a Name – My Mark, My Choice

I chose Blissbridge as a complement to Happier Facts' mission to connect dots (bridging) to a thriving you (bliss).  I have been known by surnames of my father and husbands (2 marriages) - Angie Bray-Widner and previously Angie Crociata (natal is Bray).  Creating artwork over the course of my life with three different last names was getting frustrating and even confusing.  Also, my life goal is to rebalance the feminine-masculine energies; so this choice supports my life work (see more Deeper Philosophy below).  In 2013,  I switched to a symbolism-based signature with just Angie and a Tree of Life for artwork; my ceramic work bears a Tree of Life stamp as my mark.  In 2018, I chose Angie Blissbridge.

The Deeper Philosophy.  Our current paradigm is a patriarchal model that rose thousands of years ago crushing peaceful partnership-based societies and appropriating their cultures with a dominator flare; for much of history this male-favored system considered women as legal chattel (property - like cattle sanctioned by the Bible and man-made law) belonging to the father or husband.  This ownership came with a 'brand' of the surname held by that man.  While western culture, generally, has relinquished the legal stance to non-legal 'accepted norms' it remains  embedded in expectations and treatments.  Not only does the surname carry energy of being a man's property, but also severs the deeper connection to the Mother-lineage.  That severing of the Mother is the patriarchal effort to maintain the control and suppression anything feminine and retain all Earth assets as it's domain to own, pillage and conquer.  The feminine essence of all things needs to find empowerment again; not to rise up and become a matriarchy, but to REBALANCE the energies to a dance of healthy male and female energies.  An excellent book discusses rise of the dominating patriarchal system over partnership-based societies is "The Chalice and the Blade" by Rianne Eisler.



H < healing energy sharing A < artistic expressions linking paths P < painting interpretations of soul P < photographing moments in time I < Inspiring self and others E < exploring inner and outer realms R < researching the esoteric F < fires, friends, family, Flower of Life A < Astrology, ancient culture reviving C < composing music, creating in clay T < traveling to expanded horizons S < soul searching and seeking STARS!

Happier Facts Story

In May 2008, Angie founded, Happier Facts as her soul's life and service mission statement.  With the help of a dear astrologer friend, Angie retraced her treasures into a mapping of talents, interests, soul-desires and capacities.  In her attempt to hone down the Gemini sprawl of topics to the friend's goal of a one-sentence statement, Angie discovered that one paragraph might cover it but not one sentence.  Yet, it was clear too that the themes showed the acronym above.  The current version reflects a few important tune-ups since then. Magical things happened with the formation.  Not only did this fun and applicable name coalesce, but it wasn't an original intention; but deeper dives into astrology showed me amazing links to 'Happier'= Pisces or 12th house and 'Facts' = Gemini which ties to Angie's astrological soul-intent (her North Node is Gemini 12th house.  Also the birth-chart of Happier Facts is amazing aligned to the purpose and to Angie's chart.  We each are our own piece of Artwork!



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