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Continuing a focus on symbolism, sacred objects and expressions, Angie creates artwork in various other media including photography, digital art,  drawing  media, videography and piano compositions.

Angie melds her travels and love of the outdoors with her art.  Many natural objects (feathers, pinecones, branches, crystals, and photographs of nature find their way to the work.



Humphreys Peak Ceremonial Hike - San Francisco Peaks - Arizona - On November 11, 2014, Greg and Angie Widner set out to do a ceremonial offering on the peak of Arizona's highest mountain (12,633 ft) with the goal to be on the summit at 11:11am MST for the blessing. They false-summited at that time and then reached the actual summit around 1:11pm MST allowing Angie to complete the ceremonial offering at 11:11 Alaska time zone!. The offering included Giza crystals, crystals blessed in Bimini, crystals found near Hot Springs, AZ and Peruvian tobacco, Hopi corn and sacred soils from several locations; these were all buried with a blessing ceremony conducted by Angie at the summit in 30-50mph winds. This is a strenuous 8.25 mile round trip 3,300 ft elevation gain hike that offers spectacular views over the Colorado Plateau, Mogollon Rim and even the Grand Canyon in the distance.

Utah Trip Sampler - From May 14 - 19, 2015, Greg and Angie drove over 1000 miles through the remote deserts and sacred lands of southern Utah and parts of Northern Arizona. With two of their  dogs, they camped and navigated close to 500 of those miles on dirt roads. The goal was to connect with ancient lands, do some ceremonial blessings and offerings in many of these places and enjoy the journey as it unfolded. Living in Flagstaff, Arizona, they feel much of this countryside they traveled through on this trip is their "backyard" that calls to them to do much more exploring.



All original piano and digital music played, recorded, mixed by Angie. They represent her heart and soul and have not been edited for perfection...



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