Evolutionary Astrology (EA) provides a road map to the Soul's evolution yielding insights into conscious and unconscious patterns repeated over many lifetimes. The path it weaves through our charts is interpreted with Angela's deep knowledge of EA to facilitate awakening to the strengths that lie at the core of these cycles to break unhealthy habits - connecting the dots to a thriving you!

< You Provide Birth Details < ﷯ Prior to your scheduled session, you’ll provide the date, time and location of your birth. The more accurate the time is the better. < Your Privacy is Honored < ﷯ Your information and sessions are confidential. Use of non-client charts in sessions is limited to maintain the privacy of all parties. < What You'll Get < ﷯ Sessions are online via Zoom.us with options to record. You'll receive copies of your chart(s). Audio records as permitted.
< Valuable Exchange< ﷯ The time and money spent for a a sacred exchange for each of us. Extending sessions is limited - additional fees may apply. < English not Code Lanugage < ﷯ ‘Astrology speak’ is translated to make the session accessible to you. The sessions are not intended to teach you this ancient language and practice. < Disclaimer < ﷯ Angela is not a medical or health professional. How you chose to use the advice, insight and interpretations Angela provides (through Happier Facts) is your own free will.



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